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another Wenjiang


route to Wenjiang

I made another bike trip to Wenjiang today. This time I hung out in the city park at a teahouse with a tall glass of jasmine tea. This statue was located nearby.

On the way back I, well, fell off my bike. I appled the brakes too hard, the bike stopped suddenly, turned sideways, and sent me to the ground. A skinned knee, elbow pain, headache, burned eyeballs, and sore legs are the legacy of this trip. I looked like a hobbling old man trying to take Xiao Gou Gou for a walk. Now I’m hungry, but I don’t think I can face 4 flights of stairs.

Moving day to Sichuan University will be Aug. 25. I’m already half packed….

cigarette dude – Dacheng Monastery, Wenjiang


posing for the camera, Dacheng Monastery 大乘院


This guy just popped into the camera frame, demanding to be photographed. It wasn’t until I processed the photo later that I noticed “California Los Angeles” on his T-shirt. Coincidence, or…?

This was during my day trip to Wenjiang, about which more later. The temple was swarming with people, all lighting candles and incense. Just as interesting as the devotional activities was the amount of litter they generated, as you can see on the ground.