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My travel itinerary – a recap

A general view of my travel route, Summer 2010 [click to view larger]


A detailed view of the Lhasa-Kathmandu “Himalayan Journey” route with SnowLion Tours [click to view larger]

My itinerary:

Chengdu to Lhasa (by plane)
Lhasa-Yamdrok Lake – Gyantse – Shigatse – Everest Base Camp – Tingri – Zhangmu (by 4WD Land Rover)

Zhangmu – Kathmandu (by car)
Kathmandu – Sunauli (by bus)

Sunauli – Gorakhpur – Varanasi (by bus)
Varanasi – Delhi (by train)
Delhi – Dharamsala (McLeod Ganj) – Manali – Chandigarh – Delhi (by bus)

Delhi – Singapore – Chengdu, China (by plane)

TRAVEL TIME:  6 weeks

WEATHER / CLIMATE:  high altitude, blinding sun, heat, humidity, monsoon rains, mud, dust, pollution, clean mountain air

The last straw


UESTC summer camp 2009



Lord, what a trip the last 2 weeks have been. The first 6 days of summer English camp weren’t too bad – the heat and humidity were at bearable levels. This week was a different story, the heavy moist air hovering around 100% humidity and the temperature on the rise. All I could think about was sweating. The brain doesn’t work under such conditions. Still, there were high points….

Tuesday was the Summer (Camp) Olympics, with sports such as group jump rope, water balloon volleyball, and a backwards egg-balancing relay race.

Tuesday evening was my first Business English class (after a full day at summer camp), at a company where I’ve taught before. As I rode my bike to class, the heavens opened and a rainstorm descended in full fury. I walked into class dripping wet, soaked to the skin. It was a minor mortification.

This afternoon was the summer camp Dating Game. It was a hoot – too bad only 20 out of 82 students showed up. I even dug up the original 60s Dating Game theme song for the occasion. At least one of the winning couples went on a real dinner date – with 50 RMB provided by the foreign teachers for the penniless students.

Tomorrow is the Final Exam, then a celebratory dinner at Peter Pan Italian Restaurant. Then, blessed oblivion for 2 days before my new evening classes start next week. Who said summer was for relaxing?

Sunday, July 12

The summer is racing along. Today is our only day off, halfway thru Summer English Camp. There’s still work to do – grading 80 quizzes and reading short summaries of one of our readings. Our students are 18-19 years old, and are all in a dual-degree program in management and technology at the UESTC Management School.

I rather amazed myself yesterday at the students’ afternoon party. As part of the entertainment, I taught them how to dance the Funky Chicken. Yes, at my age I was still able to shake my booty, let it all hang out, flap my wings, and shuffle my feet. I also made a complete fool of myself, and I may have ruptured something while trying to be a dancin’ machine.

Upcoming activities include a Summer Camp Olympics and The Dating Game, based on the old game show. Oh, the things we do for money….