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post for a rainy evening

kitchen reflection

Gingko Restaurant, Chengdu

The spring weather in Chengdu seems well-organized:  it rains at night and clears up during the day.  It’s pleasant to listen to the rain at the end of the day as one practices the guitar or – well – types a blog entry.

I missed my gym workout today.  I was AT the gym, but the place was so crowded you could hardly move, so  I left.  Lesson to self – only work out in the mornings.  I got off to a good start this week, about 5 km a day on the treadmill, with some light weightlifting.  I’ve never been good at math, but it seems to me that if I can burn off about 500 extra calories a day, and cut out about 500 calories worth of junk food or excess carbs, then I should have a net loss of 1,000 calories a day.  Is that correct, or wishful thinking?

Last weekend I went shopping with a friend at some outdoors-type stores, looking for hiking gear.  I already knew that I wouldn’t find shoes (I’ve ordered them thru ebay from the U.S.), but it was disheartening to find that I couldn’t even struggle into XX-Large size pants.  Hence the 5 km-a-day routine at the gym, although I doubt that I’ll meet my weight-loss goals by the end of June, in preparation for my summer travel.

The semester progresses with no problems.  I delivered my final lecture of the academic year last night.  It was about the 10th time I’ve presented “Culture Shock,” and I’m beginning to get tired of the topic.  The last couple of weeks were filled with midterm oral exams, but even that wasn’t much of a strain; at my last university I had to evaluate about 300 students, and here at the ILTC I have fewer than half that number.

My movie-viewing continues; tonight’s weather will be perfect for my private screening of Seance on a Wet Afternoon (1964).