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Zhaojue Temple – Sunday

Published on May 4, 2014, by in Chengdu.

curious rooster – 昭覺寺 Zhaojue Temple + Add Tag Tweet This Post


青城山 Qingcheng Mountain

Published on April 23, 2014, by in China.

       On a recent Tomb-Sweeping Day holiday weekend, I took a badly needed day trip to 青城山 Qingcheng Mountain, northwest of Chengdu. The mountain is one of the most important centers of Daoism (道教) in China, as well as being a relaxing, beautiful spot to get away fromt he noise and pollution of the city.           I’d visited the mountain once before, just after my arrival in China in 2006, during a hot, sticky summer when the cicadas were buzzing so loudly I imagined their deep, echoing sounds were coming from some otherworldly gigantic insects. I was with a group of teachers, but instead of climbing the mountainside steps, I took a cable car to near the top.         This time I came by myself, taking the high-speed elevated train from the Chengdu North station about 40 minutes to the Qingcheng Shan station. A word of advice: on leaving the station and heading left to the bus area, don’t take the big city-bus type bus that costs 2 RMB; take the mini-bus, which will drop you off right at the ticket office for the mountain. As I found out the hard way, the big bus lets you off in a parking lot about 2.5 kilometers from the entrance to the mountain proper. It’s a pretty walk if you feel like it (or you can pay extra for the “sightseeing” tram the rest of the way), but since I was planning on




Published on April 9, 2014, by in China.

Qincheng Mountain, Sichuan, a couple of days ago. Tweet This Post


Chengdu train platform

Published on April 6, 2014, by in Chengdu.

Evening, after returning from a weekend in Chongqing     Tweet This Post



Published on March 21, 2014, by in Chongqing.

People’s Park Chongqing, on a sunny afternoon Tweet This Post