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looking back

As I continue to re-edit my travel photos from 2010, I’m revisiting some of my unbelievable experiences from that trip. It also gives me something to do as I navigate the spring allergy season in Chengdu.

My eyes are constantly stinging and watery, my sinuses feel like someone shoved a fistful of dry pine needles up my nose, my breathing is labored and shallow, and my cough persistent.  This is the worst allergy season in recent memory.  The other day I decided to visit my favorite massage therapist, but before I even reached the university gate I was gasping for breath and wheezing.  I gave it up. My next purchase:  a deionizer to purify the air in my apartment. And a face mask.



Watcher – Jama Masjid (Friday Mosque), Delhi, India



Sher-e-Punjab Restaurant, Manali, India –  before the dinner rush



Blurred monk photographer, Dharamsala, India – below Bagsu Falls




Group – main square, Dharamsala, India



Old town Varanasi, India – lone walker

Trail of Asia

Boat prow on the Ganges, Varanasi, India


I was invited recently to be a guest blogger for the site http://trailofasia.com/.

You can read my guest post, “Varanass, Varanass,” an account of surviving both the 2-day bus journey from Kathmandu to Varanasi as well as the Indian heat, here:  http://trailofasia.com/riding-the-bus-to-varanasi-india/

Thanks to Elaine of Trail of Asia for the invitation!