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A short walk to Vashisht

Grazing cow (with necklace), Vashisht    Realize the Undivided Mind We often feel our everyday existence is a distraction from our spiritual intention. When this happens, life is divided between the sacred and mundane, and the mind pits one concept against the other. But belief shapes reality, and if the belief is maintained that the sacred lies somewhere else other than Now, our spiritual life will be governed by that limitation. The truth is that the sense-of-self is not separate from the moment in which it is arising, any more than the sense-of-self is outside the mind that it thinks it possesses. In fact, realizing the undivided mind also heals the dualistic notion of “me” being outside the moment. Rodney Smith Thursday 12th August 2010 Tricycle Daily Dharma Yeah, so I keep wondering, “When am I going to have a spiritual experience?”  It’s kind of a silly question, but then after a week in Dharamsala, where everybody goes for a spiritual experience, I was feeling a little left out. I am, after all, on the edges of the Himalaya, a spiritual place if there ever was one. I had to remind myself today, during a walk out of Manali to the hillside village of Vashisht, that everything is practice. That is, my state of mind informs my actions and perceptions. Everything in my daily life is a part of my sobriety, just as everything can be meditative. Somewhere in my Buddhist reading was a quote to the effect that sitting to