In the abstract

Blue and white wall, with heart


Today’s thought – Tibetan proverb: When becoming older and older, one might see the dead corpse of gods.

If any one knows what the hell this means, will you please email me? I’m a little dense. Or maybe this saying is just too abstract (more on this subject later in this post).

It’s another “sunny” day today, so I must depart soon for a bicycle ride. Here’s some smarmy lyrics to get me in the mood:

I think I’ll go for a walk outside now
the summer sun’s callin my name
(I hear ya now)
I just can’t stay inside all day
I gotta get out get me some of those rays
everybody’s smilin’
sunshine day
everybody’s laughin’
sunshine day
everybody seems so happy today
it’s a sunshine day

….Cant you dig the sunshine
Love and sun are the same
Cant you hear him callin your name?




What I ate: 1

 First, I had to fortify myself: I chose the classic egg on toast. This version has several advantages: 1) I toast the bread in the pan with canola or olive oil, which means it’s really greasy; 2) I break the egg on top of the toast, then flip it over so the egg fries on the bottom, smooshing it down a little with the turner; 3) It’s gooey, stickey, messy to eat, with that runny-egg thing going on; 4) the bread is whole wheat – that’s good for you, right? 5) Did I mention that it’s really greasy?



What I ate: 2

After breakfast, I had to have lunch – a steaming bowl of 牛肉拉面 niú ròu lā miàn, ramen or “hand-pulled” noodles with beef in soup. This is my favorite noodle restaurant, and next time I go there I’m going to ask the noodle maker to let me take photos of him in action.

The business at hand: the theme today is abstract, as in isolated details taken out of their original context. “Abstraction uses a strategy of simplification of detail, wherein formerly concrete details are left ambiguous, vague, or undefined.” [source][/source]

This is the second photo essay based on my recent bicycle rides with my new camera.



 the new EGO building, Dongda Jie, downtown Chengdu

The only bad thing about this building is that it’s almost un-photographable from ground level, thanks to the wide tree-lined street and lack of any clear view of the whole structure. The whole facade is “abstract,” in a Frank Gehry-ish way; “EGO” is spelled out in giant letters of metal panels.


A weekend with Photoshop

I’m a man possessed. I’m getting to know my new camera, but apart from that I’m spending hours and hours using Photoshop, regularly staying up till 3 am or until my eyes no longer focus. Maybe I’m unlocking some long-stifled creativity; more probably it’s my obsessive personality running its course. My photographic skills are getting better, but my current passion is “ageing” and “distressing” pictures in Photoshop; more on that later, unless you want to see some of the results on my Flickr site here.




an odd, peculiar, or strange condition, situation, quality, etc.; an incongruity or inconsistency.


If you’re a fan of the British TV show Primeval, you know that an anomaly is also a time portal allowing prehistoric creatures to pass back and forth from their era to the present.  Cool.


  Ethereal boat: one of the photos I bought at the antiques market Sunday. The composition is brilliant, the washed-out effect took many years to happen.