burger & fries

This week I’m highlighting The Spot, a new burger restaurant that opened in the Blue Caribbean Plaza near campus.  Their chef used to run a felafel stand on Kehua Bei Lu, which he has since left to join the restaurant.  The limited menu hasn’t gotten boring (yet), as I’ve eaten their burgers three (or is it four?) times in the past week.  Oh yes, the thick-cut fried potatoes are to die for.  Next time I go, I must take my own bottle of French Dijon-style mustard with me.

Other than that, today was rainy, and after my class I returned home for an afternoon nap.  I’ve just signed my teaching contract for the next year, which includes 12 months instead of 10.  That means I’ll get paid all year round, including summer, but I will be available for full-time teaching during July and August. No summer vacation this year, but it will be a great chance to save my money for future travel.









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