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photo outing – Tuesday

Published on January 21, 2012, by in Chengdu, Photography.

15-2Location Achieves the Statusdowntown Chengdu


Tuesday started a period of about 3 weeks in which I have absolutely no commitments, professional or otherwise.  Since the sun showed a slight promise of emerging briefly from the gray clouds, I headed out with my camera for an afternoon of shooting.


17_0elegant gateway


After stopping at 7-11 (yes, they’re now in China) for a tuna sandwich for lunch, I wandered around town, stopping at one of the few remaining intact ancient neighborhoods (above) for some great slice-of-life photo ops.  Eventually, through no intention of my own, I ended up at Wenshu Monastery, all the way across town from Sichuan University.  I took the subway and a bus back home.


14weighing the purchase


  23_0giving it a rest


29lost amid the vegetables

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  1. howard

    A tuna sandwich??!! With all those great veggies available? And probably a cozy dive with some authentic chengdu cuisine. My cup runneth over with tears.

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