Tuesday, July 21

Disney Hall in 2 frames, Los Angeles

I’m trying hard to maintain my cool demeanor – and my sanity – in the heat and humidity of summer. I was feeling some heat exhaustion after the close of the Summer Camp last Friday, so I’ve done my best to stay indoors, mostly in my air-conditioned bedroom. Unfortunately, I still have to venture outside for my evening Business English classes Monday thru Thursday, but I’ll try to be brave.

I fixed myself a hot-weather treat for lunch yesterday – diced tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, tuna, and cheddar cheese with a little olive oil and shallot, all wrapped in a flour tortilla, which is a foreign delicacy here. It was a nod both to the traditional “pan bagnat” of southern France (minus the hard-boiled egg, parsley, and garlic) and to my former addiction to tortillas. My waistline doesn’t need any more white flour right now, but they’re SO-O-O-O-OOO good. Besides, what would I do without white-flour Chinese noodles, and bao zi, and jiao zi, and pastries, and….?

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