Sunday, July 12

The summer is racing along. Today is our only day off, halfway thru Summer English Camp. There’s still work to do – grading 80 quizzes and reading short summaries of one of our readings. Our students are 18-19 years old, and are all in a dual-degree program in management and technology at the UESTC Management School.

I rather amazed myself yesterday at the students’ afternoon party. As part of the entertainment, I taught them how to dance the Funky Chicken. Yes, at my age I was still able to shake my booty, let it all hang out, flap my wings, and shuffle my feet. I also made a complete fool of myself, and I may have ruptured something while trying to be a dancin’ machine.

Upcoming activities include a Summer Camp Olympics and The Dating Game, based on the old game show. Oh, the things we do for money….

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