Clouds and trees: Manali, Himachal Pradesh

I think that the photos speak for themselves: Manali is a small, touristy town, but lies in a breathtakingly beautiful region, at the head of the Kullu Valley. It’s now my third day here, and thankfully the rain has let up for awhile.


Ancient-style Himalayan house, Old Manali. I wanted to capture the woman spinning yarn on the balcony, but you can only see the top of her head.


Riverside flower, cafe, Manali


Trees, trees, trees


Hadimba Temple, a short walk up the mountainside, dates from the 16th century


Group portrait: just relaxing. This was too perfect to pass up.


Birds on ancient slate roof, Old Manali


A bowl of lime pickle with the delicious non-vegetarian thali meal at Sher-e-Punjab, Manali. 


Above and following: a religious ritual and procession at the Manu Rishi Temple, Old Manali. This temple is dedicated to Rishi Manu from whom human race is said to have started. This land was known as ‘Land of Manu’ and was later renamed Manali after him.


Blowing the horns


Lighting up


Taking it all in


Beat your own drum


Toot your own horn. The sound isn’t pretty, but it’s loud.

Cafe Mount View, opposite the bus station, where I start each day in Manali. Usually it’s a double espresso and a butter and jam pancake.


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