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night in Chengdu

night towers 2012-06-21 Hejiangting pavilion and Shangri La Hotel Tweet This Post


railway station

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Chengdu North Railway Station – now departing 成都火车北站 Tweet This Post


night view, Chengdu

Anshun Bridge (Marco Polo Bridge), Chengdu  安顺桥 成都 四川 Tweet This Post


Jialing River

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Bridge pylon construction, Jialing River, Chongqing  重庆 嘉陵江 Tweet This Post


more Chongqing

Luohan Temple, Chongqing   I returned to Chongqing the weekend of May 26-28 for another IELTS exam weekend.  The city hadn’t changed much in the two weeks since I’d last been there. The weather was still warm but not yet hot, and the cloud cover cast a gray pall over the city. The speaking exams,on Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday, were at SISU, Sichuan International Studies University. Each IELTS speaking exam lasts 11-14 minutes, after which the examiner assigns scores in four catagories.  On Sunday, I again ate lunch at Café Liberthé, the French restaurant operated by the Alliance Francaise on campus. This time I had an excellent plate of fried sole, and a large salad.   Luohan Temple, Buddha   Sunday evening, I wanted some local Sichuan food, so I returned to a restaurant in the Linjiangmen area I’d been to on my first trip. I had two huge plates of food, with stir-fried meats, Beijing duck-style pancakes, and green beans. Why do I seem to eat so much whenever I’m out of town? On Monday, we marked the IELTS writing exams at the British Council offices downtown, a short walk from my hotel. I finished early, about 1:30 PM, so I had the entire afternoon free.  I walked to Luohan Temple, and wandered around inside the temple buildings for awhile, taking refuge in a covered walkway during a brief rain shower.   Changjiang (Yangtze River), seen from Chaotianmen Square     My stomach was a bit upset,