Month: April 2012

bridge view

Marco Polo Bridge, Chengdu 安顺桥 成都 四川

The Anshun Bridge (Chinese: 安顺桥) is a bridge in the provincial capital of Chengdu in Sichuan, China. It crosses the Jin River. The veranda bridge contains a relatively large restaurant and is a popular eating location in the city.

Meaning “Peaceful and Fluent” the bridge was constructed in 2003 as a replacement of the old bridge which was destroyed by a flood in the 1980s.

In the 13th century, Marco Polo wrote about several bridges in China and the Anshun Bridge (or an earlier version of it) was one of them.

sunny holiday

The sun was out during the Qingmingor Tomb-Sweeping Festival. The weather was perfect: warm enough to stroll the streets in fashionable clothes without heavy winter coats, yet not hot or humid enough to be uncomfortable.  I observed the crowds in the Chunxi Road pedestrian shopping area, and got some usable shots, some of which are posted below.





eatingEating while strolling



Pink & plaid



coluCO & LU street fashions at Ego center



umbrella-groupThe umbrella is a required accessory in Chengdu, both for rain and bright sun. After an hour in the sun, my eyeballs were scorched.