Month: January 2012

holiday week in Chengdu

The official Spring Festival holiday week has ended, shops are re-opening, and the city is slowly returning to life as people return from their travels.  I can’t honestly say that I’ve enjoyed all the peace and quiet – it’s been like living in a state of suspended animation – but I’ve had lots of time for guitar practice and reading. Here are some miscellaneous photos from my restless wandering:

16wave to the camera – temple fair, Wenshufang




1_0Astro Boy




temple fair

faces – temple fair, Wenshu Fang

The temple fair is a Chinese New Year tradition; the Year of the Dragon began at midnight on February 23, and after the fireworks subsided, the streets around the temples and shopping areas were thronged with people.  I stayed in th e Wenshu Monastery area long enough to get some good shots, then escaped to the safety of less-crowded places.


10-2casting shadows