Month: November 2011

street scenes

I’ve been without an  internet connection at home for several weeks.  Just today, I subscribed to a new wireless USB connection from China Unicom. When the USB device in plugged into my computer, I can have internet access anywhere.  No more relying on the horrible, slow computer in the teachers’ office at school, or slow wifi connections in coffee houses.

Since I last posted, I’ve attended a training at the British Council in Chongqing to become an IELTS examiner.  The International English Language Testing System administers standardized tests for those wishing to study or live in English-speaking countries.  If all goes well and I pass both certification exams, I’ll be qualified to evaluate both written and speaking tests.  On the plus side, the pay is also very good.

Here are some miscellaneous street images from the last few weeks, taken with my cell phone camera.  My Canon EOS 40D has been malfunctioning ever since I returned from the USA last summer, but I finally took it to a repair shop last week to have a lens problem corrected.  Real photos once again!



Outside a Xinjiang restaurant, First Ring Road, Chengdu. There’s a law against slaughtering animals within the 3rd Ring Road, but it doesn’t apply to minority-owned businesses.


Bondage in advertising: a new meaning for “international ties” from the English First chain of language schools.