Month: April 2010

weekend in Yaan



I joined a group of teachers and administrators for an overnight trip to Yaan, in the mountains 90 minutes southwest of Chengdu.  Yaan is known for tea cultivation and trade, as well as leather goods.  We spent Saturday night in a tea-theme hotel; the rooms smelled like tea and the hotel was decorated with tea bricks.

After dinner we walked to the ornate bridge [below] lighted at night.  the next day we got back in our bus to tour the Panda Base nearby.  After a delicious lunch at a country restaurant near Shangli ancient town 上里古镇, we toured 白马寺 White Horse Temple, the site of a former Tang Dynasty temple nearby, then made a quick visit to the ancient town.

We returned to Chengdu by Sunday evening.  It was a quick but relaxing trip, and my dog survived all by himself in the apartment.





(top) night bridge, Yaan; (above) home-smoked meat, Sunday lunch in Shangli; (below) entrance to 白马寺White Horse Temple near Shangli ancient town