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the blue door

Published on December 27, 2010, by in Chengdu.

Shuijingfang 水井坊, Chengdu, 2009


temple street

金沙庵大殿 Jinsha Nunnery, Chengdu



Published on December 20, 2010, by in Chengdu.

Sichuan University, 2010



Local workers stare through layers of history:  a new residential tower, the restored Dacisi monastery, the rubble of a demolished ancient neighborhood, and a broken wall. See more photos of the Dacisi Monastery area here.


snowy morning

Published on December 16, 2010, by in Chengdu.

It doesn’t snow often in Chengdu – the last time was in early 2008 during Spring Festival – but there was a light fall of tiny, swirling flakes as I left class yesterday afternoon, after the temperature had dipped to zero centigrade.  This morning the palms were frosted with white, as if the campus had magically turned into a fairy land overnight.  The cold here is damp and dreary, and it chills to the bone.