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summer in Chengdu 7

better days In a 2009 photo, a shopkeeper in the 水井坊 Shuijingfang area of Chengdu closes her eyes, maybe remembering other times.  The shop, along with about 90% of the ancient neighborhood, is now gone. Tweet This Post


old street view

Published on March 24, 2011, by in Old Chengdu.

narrow lane of old houses, near 文殊坊 Wenshufang, Chengdu Tweet This Post


quiet corner

Published on February 21, 2011, by in Old Chengdu.

金沙庵大殿 Jinsha Nunnery, Chengdu, just before New Year Tweet This Post


broken pieces

Published on January 31, 2011, by in Old Chengdu.

“8-6-1-3-13-11;” like numbered pieces of a puzzle, these weathered boards were used to close off the entrance to a storefront after hours.  I’m re-publishing some of my older photos to pay tribute to the now-vanished Shuijingfang neighborhood of Chengdu.  I’ll try to make it back there soon for some post-mortem photos of the rubble. Tweet This Post


lost corner

Published on January 24, 2011, by in Old Chengdu.

A corner in the 水井坊 Shuijingfang area, now destroyed. This photo was taken about two years ago; the last time I visited the area, the ancient neighborhood had been flattened. Tweet This Post