tweeted, and a bad cough

My favorite GIF animation this week:


Thanks to one of my favorite blogs, Black and White Cat, for publishing this image. Thanks also to its author for a great line for an insult:

Glenn Beck is very, very low-hanging fruit. We should all just ignore him and hope he goes away.

 I’m battling a bad allergy attack and a horrendous cough.  There’s no relief in sight, but fortunately I’m giving speaking exams this week, so all I do is sit there and listen to students talk (while I cough).  It’s been rather eventful, nonetheless.

My presentation Tibet-Nepal-India part 1 made the front page of, getting the most tweets [on Twitter] of any presentation. is a site for sharing PowerPoint presentations, documents, videos, and e-books, and it’s a great source of information as well as teaching material. As of today the presentation has had over 800 views!

I’m “featured” on the front page of!



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photo of the day

Kathmandu – Yatkha Bahal stupa and courtyard


Bahals are courtyards that originated as Buddhist monasteries.  Most of the buildings that exist today in bahal courtyards date from the 14th to the present century, but the monasteries themselves are much older than even the oldest buildings. Records and stone monuments and sculptures in the courtyards show that Kathmandu was home to many bahals in the 5th century CE, and the oldest may date to as early as the 3rd century BCE.

John Child, Streets of Silver, Streets of Gold, p. 27